About Us

Design Creationz is the leading events management and marketing company from Doha, Qatar. As a consultancy specialized in high end fashion, we set the benchmark for high calibre events in the region.

Our focus and expertise is in the Middle East, specifically in the Gulf. While offering solutions and exceptional standards to our clients, we attract the region’s leading designers, fashion industry professionals, journalists, premium retailers, and fashion enthusiasts.

We are a niche consultancy ideally placed to cross-promote regional businesses locally and internationally, as well as to promote and position international businesses in Qatar and the Gulf region.

Design Creationz have earned the reputation as one of Qatar’s most respected events companies. We are recognized for exceptional standards, professional approach and trust, creativity and delivery, and we proudly represent the spirit and motivation that drives traditional Arab culture into the international sphere of fashion, and vice versa.

So far Design Creationz has successfully enabled Arab fashion entrepreneurs to promote their designs directly to key target demographics through the most unique and powerful event experiences.

We proudly promote traditional Arabian fashion trends. We are witnessing the growth of a culture that is incorporating tradition into its fashion and style, while at the same time remaining close to its roots.

There are numerous ways one’s brand can reach desired audience, and our aim is to contribute to a better understanding of traditional Arabian fashion style, through our vast international network.