Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

It is with a great sense of pride that Design Creationz has been entrusted by QTA to carry out this project. We at Design Creationz believe in the personal interpretation of fashion and we applaud our participating designers in embodying their unique personality in each beautiful piece of traditional Islamic clothing they produce.

Qatar aspires to become the regional hub for the traditional Islamic and Arabian fashion, delivering the best platform for regional designers. We are witnessing the growth of a culture that is incorporating fashion and style into its tradition, while at the same time remaining close to its roots.

Heya is a pioneering platform for authentic Arabian fashion design of abayas, jalabiyas, veils, sheilas, dresses, and gowns, and is the most eagerly anticipated fashion exhibition in the GCC. This groundbreaking exhibition has become the premier event in the traditional Arabian fashion calendar, and the only occasion in Doha where more than 300 creative companies and designers come together in one week-long exhibition.

Seeing Heya’s evolution throughout the years has been a fascinating journey. It opened the market for Qatari and regional fashion designers to get creative in translating Islamic culture and tradition into their creations.

Our aim is to transform Heya into a platform that will attract regional and international designers, fashion buyers, and visitors from all spheres of life, while fostering new and coming talents. Our goal is to build a strong and effective international Islamic and Arabian fashion design platform.

Heya represents the spirit and motivation that drives the traditional Islamic culture into the international sphere of fashion.

Web: http://heya.qa/